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Malta Historical Society Notes for Contributors
(updated 2013)

Melita Historica is the official journal of the Malta Historical Society (1950) and its aim is to publish papers, bibliographical studies and book reviews pertaining to Maltese history. Authors are invited to submit material as yet unpublished and which is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors are responsible for copyright clearance of both text and illustrative material submitted for publication.

The comments below also apply to the Proceedings of History Week.

Contributions should fall into one of the following categories:

Typescripts should be submitted in double-line spacing, typed on Word for Windows © format. Exceptionally, typed or hand-written material may be considered. A soft copy on CD (or sent by email) should be submitted together with any illustrative material. For correspondence, authors should give their name, full address and e-mail/telephone details. English spelling is to be used in conformity with the Oxford English Dictionary.

Typescripts should be submitted in double-line spacing, typed on Word for Windows © format. English spelling should be used in conformity with The Oxford English Dictionary. Exceptionally, typed or handwritten material may be considered.

All submissions, including any illustrative material, should be sent via e-mail to the editor, together with a hard copy. The submission should be anonymous, that is, the author's name should not appear anywhere. This will facilitate the process of 'blind' refereeing. Articles are generally referred to at least on scholar anonymously and referrers' reports (also anonymous) are normally sent to authors.

Authors should provide their name, full address and e-mail/telephone details. A 100-word author profile should also be included. In case of papers not submitted in English a 100 to 150-word summary in English is to be provided by the author.

The Editorial Board, after considering the opinion of the referee(s), will decide whether or not to publish the submission in the shortest possible time. The Editorial Board's decision will be considered as final.

In the case of papers not submitted in English, a 100-150 word summary in English is to be submitted by the author.

Illustrations and Tables - Illustrations, including photographs and diagrams should be numbered in one series in their order of mention in the text and with a caption. This is also to be followed for Tables. Illustrative material submitted should be of a high quality for its reproduction in colour or black and white and soft copies of them submitted separately.

Citations and References - Footnotes are to be made use of, not endnotes or bibliographies. References to footnotes should be indicated by a super-scripted number, Footnotes are to be consecutively numbered.

The following are examples of the style to be adopted for the footnotes:

(i) for books:

Eisenstein, E.L. (1979) The Printing Press as an Agent of Change, 2 vols, Cambridge: University of Cambridge, 23-8.

(ii) for papers in journals:

Muscat, Joseph (2000) "The Tarxien Ship Graffiti Revisited" in Melita Historica, vol. xiii no.1, Malta: Malta Historical Society, 49-53.

(iii) for papers inedited works:

Gash, J. (1993) "Painting and Sculpture in Early Modern Malta" in Hospitaller Malta, 1530- 1798: Studies on Early Modern Malta and the Order of St John of Jerusalem, ed. V. Mallia-Milanes, Malta: University of Malta, 509-603.

Repeated references to an already quoted source are to provide the author's surname, date of publication and pagination, thus:

Gash, 600. or Gash 1993, 600.
(the latter in case of authors with more than one publication being referred to).

General Style - Paragraphs must be indented rather than separated by a blank line. Single quotation marks should be used for quotations. Quotations of more than two sentences should be indented. 'Foreign' words, i.e. words in a language other than that being used as the main language of the article should be italicised (except proper names). On other matters authors are to follow the general style adopted in previous issues of the journal. The Oxford English Dictionary for Writers and Editors may also be availed of.

Copyright/Offprints - Authors offer papers on the understanding that if accepted for publication exclusive copyright shall be assigned to the Malta Historical Society. In exchange for copyright, the Society will supply one copy of the published journal and a digital copy (in pdf format) of each main paper or short article published. The Society will not put any limitation on the personal freedom of the author to use material published in Melita Historica in other works after two years of its being published, provided the material is accompanied by the following declaration: "Reproduced from Melita Historica, Vol. _, No. _, by courtesy of the Malta Historical Society.".

Page proofs (first proofs only) of material submitted will be sent to the authors, who must return it before the date indicated since otherwise the editor's own corrected proofs will be sent to the printers. Alterations at proof stage are strongly discouraged and will only be accepted at the discretion of the editor.

Opinions - The Editorial board of Melita Historica is not responsible for opinions expressed by contributors.